Our Approach

An integrated approach combining best practices, data, insights and technology to drive value

Performance Management

ManpowerGroup Solutions TAPFIN delivers industry-leading performance management capabilities, practices and insights to help clients drive productivity and enhance efficiency and quality while mitigating risk along the way.

  • Business and Program Optimization – Our optimization function is a comprehensive set of capabilities including SLA compliance management and spend management through program assessments and vendor performance management.
  • Reporting & Analytics Engine and Business Intelligence – Combining your program, industry and market data together – including data from VMS tools and other technology platforms – we turn static data into meaningful analysis aligned to your business objectives with visual interpretations to create a holistic picture of your MSP program. Having the full view to your program enables you to be more proactive in strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Technology Solutions – SharePoint solutions and other technology platforms create the bridge between both program optimization and reporting activities and through the ability of task automation.

Our program maturity roadmap provides the framework to map your current position, define the right program, and design the path to achieve your strategic objectives.

program maturity roadmap

So where do you start? We work with you as you build your roadmap now – and how you evolve the program going forward. Face it, predicting the future in an era of uncertainty is impossible. But you can arm yourself with the wisdom, solutions and technologies that give you the flexibility to grow and scale as your organization flexes.

Continuous improvement is at the heart of everything we do. Beyond the immediate program, we provide strategic guidance on future aspects of client program management because your organization does not remain static, nor does your market. You must change and adjust. We help you make sense of your program’s big data, honing in on key insights and inflection points to constantly improve processes for the long-term while taking advantage of short-term efficiencies and benefits where they best align with your objectives.

Performance Insights

Anyone can give you data. But is the data focused on your business objectives? Your view, your needs. Otherwise, it’s just data. You need vision and context coupled with expert perspective and insights customized to your business – the knowledge to drive your business forward.

Our Performance Insights platform is fully integrated and built to be scalable and customizable to the client organization’s needs, not a rigid requirements set that doesn’t allow for business agility. Our practices can be integrated into any program - at any stage of maturity - and align directly with operational and strategic support objectives and activities.

Reporting & Analytics Engine

  • Blend all VMS data across all programs into an aggregate and enhanced visualization of the data, including benchmarking and in-depth analytical capabilities
  • Multi-tiered voice of the customer data
  • Performance Insights Dashboard – This tool provides multiple views of program data based on performance objectives and a variety of diverse criteria to benchmark a client’s program and compare its performance versus others relative to their industry and similar companies.
Report Examples

Reporting and Analytics Engine - Data Visualizations